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After 15 Years Of Formulating Testosterone Products, We’ve Finally Created The Strongest

  • Increase Testosterone & Energy Levels
  • Drastically Increase Libido & Sex Life
  • Higher Immune Function
  • 100% Money-Back Guarantee
  • Made In The USA
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The Fountain of Youth, Made With Science & Research!

Nearly 15 years of experience, 20,000 hours of research, exotic ingredients, user feedback, and even self-testing have led us to perfect the testosterone formulation. The best part?

  • Delivered straight to your door
  • No doctor’s visits
  • No painful weekly injections (for the rest of your life!)
  • Incredibly affordable

FACT: You Get Older & You Lose Testosterone. BUT - We’ve Created a Formula That Can Increase Testosterone By OVER 400%

As you know very well, testosterone is the fountain of youth for men. Higher sex drive, easier to add muscle, higher sex drive, a lot easier to get rid of belly fat, did we say higher sex drive? But those are just the noticeable, physical differences. Testosterone can help with depression, your immune system, give you more mental clarity, better heart health, and even make your bones stronger!

  • money back guarantee
    Money-Back Guarantee
  • help-burn-fat
    Helps Burn Fat
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    Free Shipping
  • increase performance
    Increase Performance
  • Powerful Muscle Builder
    Powerful Muscle Builder
  • Savings On 2+ Bottles
    Savings On 2+ Bottles
  • Fast Results
    Fast Results
  • Exotic Formula
    Exotic Formula
  • Easy-To-Swallow Pills
    Easy-To-Swallow Pills

100% Money Back Guarantee

TestDrol is backed by an iron-clad money back guarantee. So, in the unlikely event that you don’t like TestDrol, or just need to return it for any other reason, we DON’T want your money. So, we’ll refund you everything minus shipping! Guarantee is for 60 days & up to 1 used bottle. Now you can try this award-winning formula with 0 risk!

Men That Went The Extra Mile And Boosted Test Levels

TestDrol is an intelligently designed formulation, with years in the making and 1,000’s of hours of research & testing. There are no cheap fillers, only 1,732mg of ultra-concentrated & scientifically researched ingredients. Not only is TestDrol considered one of the best legal test boosters in the world, it also receives high customer reviews, reaching 98% positive. Below are just a few examples of how men took their lives back and increased their testosterone levels!


One Of The Most Powerful, Legal Options For Boosting TEST

Men can go to the gym for years and see little to no results at all. It’s actually why a lot of men give up. Honestly, if you aren’t seeing results after working your ass off for years on end, why would you continue? Truth is, the majority of these men have low testosterone. The benefits of increasing testosterone are not limited to just muscle mass. Testosterone is not only life changing, but LIFE SAVING.

  • Muscle Growth

    Naturally & safely increase your muscle mass with more testosterone.

  • Lower Body Fat & Estrogen

    Lower the amount of fat your body has, while also lowering estrogen levels & water retention.

  • Drastically Increase Sex Drive

    Feel like a 18 year old again with more sex drive and higher physical stamina.

  • Mental Clarity & Happier

    Testosterone is directly correlated with how you feel mentally, not just physically.

  • Improve Your Life

    More muscle, lower fat, higher sex drive, & sense of wellness. Testosterone is what makes the man!

Your Uncles Corvette Compared To Your Mom’s Prius...

Have you ever been on the highway, struggling to make it up a hill, while the Vette next you just blows by with no issue? Horsepower & torque is what makes this hotrod perform as well as it does. TestDrol contains the necessary ingredients that will maximize your testosterone and muscle growth.

TestDrol truly contains the power of multiple products all tightly packed & formulated into 1, unique bottle. Not only will you boost your testosterone, but expect to lose fat, increase stamina, reduce stress levels, and even think clearer.

Seriously... Which would you rather have?
Testosterone Is Horsepower For A Man. Make Sure
Your Engine Gets The Right Kind Of Fuel.

Take a Second To Visualize Your Dream Body

TestDrol is a considered an “exotic” testosterone formulation because it contains ingredients that offer multiple test-boosting solutions to help make your dreams a reality.

  • Exotic new formula that contains superior ingredients than others
  • Unmatched energy & endurance
  • Made in GMP facility with the highest quality ingredients
  • Help block estrogen & reduce stored fat
  • Potent formula without fillers or diluents
  • 100% money back guarantee

By taking advantage of all of TestDrol’s exotic ingredients, you end up saving money by not needing any other products to maximize test production.


How Does TestDrol Compare To The Highest Marketed Products Online?


The Science Behind TestDrol & What Makes It Is So Powerful


KSM-66® ashwagandha

This is one of the most sought ingredients over the last few years. Men are seeing incredible benefits, with their testosterone soaring higher than ever. But there’s so much more than just “boosting test levels” to this ingredient. There are 100’s of clinical studies that have been done on KSM-66. Not only does it boost testosterone, but it also:

  • Lowers Body Fat (Yes, test subjects lost an additional 16% body fat)
  • Reduces Muscle Recovery Time (Sore Far Less Time)
  • Proven to Lower Cortisol and Anxiety Levels (stress levels) By the way, “stress” kills testosterone levels in men.
  • Increases CardioRespiratory Endurance By Nearly 14% (Basically, run faster, for longer. Don’t like running? Then, you can lift longer and get more reps in. More oxygen means faster muscle growth throughout your body)
  • Mega Boost To Sexual Performance (IN BOTH MEN & WOMEN!)
KSM-66 Ashwahandha has been clinically studied & proven to raise testosterone levels and boost strength by nearly 140% in only 8 weeks.

Unfortunately, a lot of companies are only using small amounts of KSM-66 to trick people into thinking they’re getting all of the incredible benefits. Another shady thing that other products are doing is using ashwagandha leaf, not the root. And it’s important to understand that the leaf is useless for testosterone. TestDrol has a completely transparent label and you can see that we use the exact amount (600mg) that was used in clinical trials to show all of the benefits of KSM-66 Ashwagandha root extract.



Another herb that you’ll find in more exotic locations, it’s been used for 1,000’s of years, especially in food. TestDrol uses Fenugreek extract, which is far more potent than just the raw, powdered version of Fenugreek.

Fenugreek has been clinically shown to increase free testosterone levels by 98% in only 8 weeks. This wasn’t just 98% on paper, either. Test subjects increased muscle mass, had higher libido and lost fat. That means that it all translates into real-world results and can even help halt SHBG, which essentially steals your testosterone and converts it to estrogen.

Fenugreek extract has been shown in clinical studies to increase free testosterone by 98% in only 8 weeks.


If the above ingredients weren’t enough, we also added Longjack or Tongkat Ali, which is an herb that comes from the east. It’s also been around for centuries and been a medicinal part of culture for people throughout the ages of time. Of course, the last couple of decades, men, specifically have a newfound love for this simple ingredient.

In a clinical study, test subjects (76 total) were given Longjack everyday for 1 month. After the treatment, 90.8% of the men that were tested had testosterone levels that had increased by just over 46%!

After 1 month in clinical study, 90.8% of men increased testosterone levels by just over 46%.
vitamin d3


Over 70% of the world's population is deficient in Vitamin D. So, unless you work outside or outdoors for a big part of the day, you're not getting enough of Vitamin D. Oh, and did you know that sunscreen actually blocks the positive effects of Vitamin D? Besides boosting testosterone levels in men by 25%, there are a ton of positive effects from taking this ingredient. It's imperative for a better immune system, healthier heart and arteries, healthier gut biome, and an increased muscle function.

In a clinical study, test subjects (165 total) were given 3,000 IU of Vitamin D. The men (no women) saw a jump of 25% increase in testosterone levels!

For a better immune system, healthier body, & increase of 25% in testosterone, Vitamin D is a must!


Yes, all us guys want MORE testosterone. Bigger, stronger, faster, etc. But are we giving enough thought about the other side of testosterone: Estrogen? Most people don’t realize that we need both in order to be healthy. But, often enough, men that are struggling with low testosterone levels almost ALWAYS have higher levels of estrogen, especially in overweight men. Higher than normal levels of estrogen in both men and women is BAD. Raised levels can cause a load of issues like: Acne, weight gain, and yes, even cancer.

DIM is the best method of combating this, naturally. It’s an extract that comes from green, cruciferous plants and it works by not actually removing the estrogen, but converting the estrogen into more testosterone instead.

Test boosters in the past may have somewhat worked, but because the more testosterone you make with a supplement, you might also be biologically predisposed to make more estrogen as well. So, the more you boosted your test levels, estrogen levels increased too. With the use of DIM in TestDrol, it can help suppress those estrogen levels and unlock higher testosterone levels. It’s literally a “win win” situation.

DIM has become a “must have” ingredient with it’s function of helping reduce estrogen levels and increase testosterone.

high estrogen levels can cause...

  • Higher Body Fat Percentage
  • “Man Boobs”
  • High Blood Pressure & Other
    Potential Heart Diseases
  • Higher Risk For Cancers
  • Low Libido & Difficult To Achieve Erection
  • Poor Skin Health / More Acne
Same Man In
Both Images

healthy test & estrogen levels

  • Reduced Body Fat
  • Higher Muscle Mass & Easier To Add Mass
  • Healthy Heart Levels & Cardiovascular
  • More Physical Stamina
  • Higher Libido & More Erections

100% transparent label. Go on, see for yourself.

So, Is There a Catch? YES, There’s a Couple


This isn’t a product that you just try out for a week or two after you get it in the mail. There are few things you need to understand before using. One, is that TestDrol is extremely powerful, but to reach peak testosterone levels can take a couple of months. Remember, you’re trying to improve your body’s hormones and that doesn’t change overnight.

Chances are that if you’ve purchased a test booster in the past and it claimed “immediate results”, it was some major Bull S***! Remember, slow & steady wins the race & we promise a win with TestDrol.


100% Money Back Guarantee

TestDrol is backed by an iron-clad money back guarantee. So, in the unlikely event that you don’t like TestDrol, or just need to return it for any other reason, we DON’T want your money. So, we’ll refund you everything minus shipping! Guarantee is for 60 days & up to 1 used bottle. Now you can try this award-winning formula with 0 risk!

43,000+ Customers Can’t Be Wrong!

Why are you waiting on the body of your dreams? Make the smart choice right now and discover your new body.

*Reminder: The Group Of Men That Experienced Over 400% Increase In Testosterone Took 90 Days To Acheive

Please keep in mind that this official site is the only authentic seller of TestDrol. eBay & amazon, etc. are counterfeit products with cheap fillers.

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Please keep in mind that this official site is the only authentic seller of TestDrol. eBay & amazon, etc. are counterfeit products with cheap fillers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where Can I Safely Purchase TestDrol? ?

TestDrol is only available for purchase on this official site and Since TestDrol is the most popular T-booster available in America, there are a lot of knock-off's and counterfeits. Don't buy TestDrol from eBay, amazon, or any other online store other than Keep your purchase safe & under our guarantee. Too many customers have seen what they thought was a bargain, but ended up buying a cheap counterfeit for 1/3 of the price, with completely different ingredients and can't get their money back, due to eBay and/or amazon scammers.

Will TestDrol Work For Me?

TestDrol works for 98% of users. It contains a unique blend of powerful ingredients, all of which are designed to help you raise your testosterone levels. TestDrol is 1 of the very few products that contains clinically proven ingredients. We made this product to improve men’s lives by boosting your natural testosterone levels. We love it. We think you will to.

Who Should Take TestDrol?

Any one from bodybuilders to older men trying to achieve more of the youthful energy. TestDrol was specifically designed for anyone looking to pack on more muscle and boost more testosterone. Most all men can benefit from more testosterone.

TestDrol Seems Powerful. Is It Safe? Will I Fail A Doping Test?

TestDrol is designed for men over 18 years old. Please follow all instructions and never exceed recommended dose. Rest assured that there are no banned substances or ingredients found in TestDrol. And you won’t test positive for college sports.

How Long Will TestDrol Take To Work?

The ingredients that were tested usualy showed maximum results after about 8 weeks. So, we ask that you take TestDrol everyday for at least 2 months before the product starts to reach it’s maximum performance. Sure, you’ll notice some slight changes in just a few short days. But the big results come later. Remember - short and steady wins the race.

Is TestDrol Part Of An Automatic Payment Plan?

TestDrol is NOT part of some multi-level marketing, pyramid program, or recurring payment nonsense. So we won’t try and push you into a monthly subscription or use any hidden or tricky tactics to swindle you. Avoid these scams at all costs!

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If tracking information confirms that the item has been delivered to the shipping address for your order but you have not received your products, please contact the carrier directly in order to investigate the issue. We can't be held accountable for packages where tracking information states the package has been delivered to your shipping address.

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